Kai Dickinson's Portfolio

About Me

I am a 3rd year BSc Game Programming student studying at Goldsmiths University of London. For my 3rd year modules I have picked Games AI programming, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Virtual Environments and Animation and Expressive Game Design.

I'm mostly interested in Game AI Programming, but I hope to span out and learn about all sections of game creation. I'd also like to further my knowledge in HTML to improve this site. I'd like to create some more of my own projects on the side soon however, my main projects recently have been University projects and this website you are using now.

If you would like to contact me, media and email links can be found in the footer below. Or click here to send me an email.



- C++

- C# in Unity

- HTML5 and CSS

- Javascript

- Python


- Unity 3D/2D

- Open Frameworks

- Gitlab and GitKraken

- Xcode and VisualStudio


- Game AI Programming

- Physics and Environment

- Artificial Intelligence