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Another random idea I wanted to try, which is a more simple version of a future project I hope to complete in my final year of study. In general it is a simulation of a system in space (probably the solar system), where I can accurately represent every force on the objects involved in 3D space. I know these things already exist but it is more of a problem-solving challenge for myself, rather than creating something new. There are also some things I'd like to add to create a twist on standard versions.


So far I've added most of the planets I wanted to include, not necessarily in the correct order but their radii have equal ratios to that of the real planets. I was planning on keep the distance and weights to the same ratios but encountered a problem storing the weights, as there is no data type that can store a raw number that large (e.g. the sun weighs 1.989 × 10^30 kg). Once I figure out a way around this I will try and implement rotation at different speeds and also orbit speeds at the same ratio to real life. Rather than giving them a set path I want to try and use the gravitational law: F = (G*m1*m2)/r2 and see if I can create a stable system.


I realise I made a mistake stating there was no data type to store a number to the power of 30, as I had completely forgotten about the DOUBLE data type. Now I've solved that issue, I can move onto rotations and orbits. Updates to come.

Looking into moving to a different platform to redo this project.

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